It's A Wonderful Life

It's A Wonderful Life


100% Primitivo

Tasting Notes: This wine was aged  for 24 months in American oak. It is a light, delicate wine. The nose is filled with vanilla crème, black raspberry and apricot. It has a long lingering finish with plum cherry and vanilla pudding on the palate. Serve this wine with bold chicken dishes or salmon. Enjoy at 55° to 59°

The Story: Although George Bailey’s kidney’s only allowed him to be on this earth for a few short months, he touched the lives of so many. We didn’t rescue him, he rescued us. The love that he showed us was unimaginable and that is what a rescue animal can do for you. Millions of animals every year are looking for their forever home. Sadly, many of them never get that opportunity. Join us in honoring George’s memory by giving rescue animals everywhere a chance for a wonderful life.

100% of the profit is donated to Arizona animal rescue for critical care vet bills.

Because this wine is not for profit we can provide no discount on this bottle, even for wine club members. 

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